• 9 Unique Designs
  • 6 Versions of Each
  • Hybrid NFT: Can Be Exchanged for 4000 dCombat Tokens (~ $200) *
  • Requires dCombat mobile app to be installed. Preliminary launch January 2022.

The VapeFights NFT collection presents MMA’s premiere entry into the world of NFT 8-bit art. With 9 unique designs, the collection is a great starting point for blockchain-powered MMA investing.

Each design is available in 6 unique variations. Moreover, every NFT can be exchanged for 4000 dCombat tokens in the mobile app.

Grab ’em now while they’re hot!


The NFT will be minted after you have placed your order and will be sent to your recipient address within 48 hours.

Please be sure to use the correct recipient address when ordering.

If you have any questions, please send an email to:  [email protected]


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